Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Strong Man

So I'm new to the whole Blogging thing. That's why there is one post on my site so far (this one). Lately I've been feeling like posting blogs would be kinda cool. Opening my thoughts up to the masses and seeing who is interested enough to read them. Well here goes.

I was driving down the highway today, and coming up to a stretch where there is and has been construction for months now. The speed limit for normal conditions is 70 mph, and in this construction zone, it is 60 mph all the time, and if there are actually workers out, it slows to 45 mph.

Most people ingnore the signs. Routinely traffic flows through at 70 mph or more. I'm even guilty of it. We all know that fines are doubled in construction zones. We all know that police monitor that strech. Most just take the chance. They don't care...even if there are workers present. But today, driving in the left lane of the two-lane road, I decided I was going to abide by the speed limit. So I set the cruise at 60 mph and watched as a beige minivan came up on my right side. Surprisingly though, he didn't pass me as I expected. Instead he also drove 60 mph, trailing just behind me in the right lane.

For a moment I thought "Awesome, another rule follower. Together we can hold back those hyper-agressive law-breakers." And then it occured to me. We could hold them back, but moreso, I would be required to hold them back, because I was in the strong position. People always tailgate the guy on the left in a situation like this because they think the left is the "fast lane". In reality, there is no fast lane, just two lanes of traffic regulated at 70 mph. But I digress...

It is a dreary day today. Not a sunny, happy day, but just an O.K. dreary day. I'm tired, and I've been through some things lately, so I'm a little weary myself. Plus I got up late and didn't get any coffee. We all know how that can affect our day. So what hit me was this: What happens when you are called upon to be the strong man, and you can't, or you feel you can't. This isn't just in relation to driving, but in many things. What happens when people look to you for something? When they need your help, or expect it, or even respect you for what you do? What happens when you don't feel you have the strength to do it? When you have to be the strong man but you can't.

There is a religious aspect to this. We have to draw our strength from somewhere. And God is always there to draw strength from. You can try to draw strength from other things. You can pump your body full of caffeine. You can get a natural high by belittling others, or exerting power over them, or bossing people around, or even flirting. But all of those things are fleeting. They won't last. You have to keep feeding them to maintain that high. Draw strength from him who is everlasting. He will give you strength to stand for him.