Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Separation of the Internets

Sometimes I think it'd be a good idea to seperate the internets. Create one with porn on it and one without. I know it's been touched on before, and discussed by some in length. The problem is that the undertaking would be incredibly huge. Sure, some of it would be fairly straightforward. Some sites make it pretty darn obvious what their goal is. But the question comes when we look at those sites that like to straddle the line - portraying a "family-friendly" image on the exterior, but harboring adult content just below the surface.
With the right know-how, porn can be found in many otherwise "safe" places on the internet. A photography site, a search site, a writing site. All can look completely innocent on the surface, and you could visit them a thousand times and never know of the deep and unsavory undercurrents running directly alongside of you, or just under a thin surface.
My point is not to encourage you to go out and find it. It's unhealthy, and destructive, and it ruins lives. Porn affects the people who watch it, and the people who make it. The people in those movies are the equivilant to those giant foam character costumes you see in parades and at public events. They Look like they're thrilled to be there, when really the person inside is miserable, wanting to get out and waiting for that time, and thankful the face on the outside of the character doesn't show it.
No, seperation of porn and non-porn internets will take a decision in your own head. It'll take a decision in my own head. Choose to do what is right. No filter or seperation or blocker will keep porn away from someone determined to get it. The choice lies inside.