Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Sometimes our own protection can get in our way. I won't be launching into a tremendous rant on the authority of government or Homeland Security or police protection in our lives tonight though. I'll start with something much simpler.

A while back, I started to protect my network with a service called OpenDns. Their site is at OpenDns.org. They provide free protection to your home network by re-routing your internet requests through their servers. If there is content you don't want to come through, they'll block it. The nice part for me is that I can set up my router to use the service, and it automatically protects all computers accessing the internet through it. This is especially helpful if I have guests over.

The service allows you to block different categories of websites from coming through - like gambling, pornography, or even online dating or game sites. The only problem is, sometimes it can be a bit too restrictive. For instance, Flickr has been categorized with the "nudity" flag. That mean that I can't access my pastor's pics on my network, even though they are FAR from pornographic.

Fortunately, the site lets you customize things down to the tee, so I can add Flickr to my "safe" list and even block out other sites I don't like that aren't automatically blocked. The point is, has protection ever gotten in your way?

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EC said...

Protection has only gotten in my way when I wanted to have a baby and my husband didn't ;)

Ha, just kidding!!

Ok, I'm sorry, had to say it, lol.. but seriously, yes, there are certain sites that no matter what I do I can't get on to... weird, not pornographic sites, just what IE calls "dangerous"... so I keep adding to my safe list and hopefully one day I'll be able to travel wherever I want on the Internet without my computer telling me I can't go :)