Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's been forever...

...or at least it feels like it. In fact, it's been so long that my preferred blogging tool, Scribefire, has updated two or three times since I last used it. I like some of the new features, but if you're not into Firefox and Scribefire you probably don't care ;) And if you do use them....well, you probably already know about them.

Work continues to be a struggle for me, but I continue to make it through. I've been with this company for almost three years now, and I rarely take vacation (partially as a security measure) so I decided to take some. Last weekend I took two extra days off and went to my in-laws' cabin in Northern Michigan. We had a GREAT time, and I was able to relax and reset myself. We didn't have many plans, so we could take our time and just rest. We ended up going rafting one day, and kayaking the next, which was a LOT of fun! I'd love to get some kayaks for us, but they're expensive! Even Brooke is able to paddle her own all by herself, and I was surprised! I mean, she's 6 years old! Yikes!

We're still fighting debt, and we're down to our last non-mortgage debt. We've lost a little steam lately because it's summer, and there are so many things to do. Kinda makes us wish we had more money to do more fun things. But then again, that's why we're getting out of debt. We've got to remember how much more fun we could have if we didn't have a $200 car payment! We're hopeful we'll be out by the end of summer, but that is fast approaching, and I think we might not hit it. We really need to engage the debt snowball more, and start using the money we've freed up from other debts to attack the car.

When we were in Cadillac this weekend, we decided we wanted to go to a church up there. Not having any personal recommendations, we cracked open the phone book and found a page and a half of listings for churches! The bummer part is that our fellowship doesn't have a gathering up there, so we kinda had to guess based on names. We really just wanted a church that was Bible-based and sound. We ended up choosing Independent Bible Church. I couldn't find anything out about them on the web except their service times, but we tried them anyway.

When we got there, everyone was very friendly, and wanted to introduce themselves. That was very welcoming. the church reminded us exactly the churches we grew up in. Traditional brown brick building, conservative service, pews, hymns, the whole deal. But it also seemed like the speaker (not sure if he was an Elder or Deacon or just a member, but the Pastor was on vacation) wanted to help them be more relevant. he used a laptop with a projector, and had a nice slideshow for song lyrics, and even a PowerPoint to go along with his study.

The problem was, it was like putting a video arcade in a nursing home. Something just doesn't fit. I think they may be on the right path, but the reality is that a large part of the congregation was older, and probably likes to worship the same way they've worshiped for many years. is there anything wrong with that? No. Is there anything wrong with wanting to change to be more relevant to the community and a new generation? If it's led by God, then no. The point is that those two groups just may not be the best to have in the same service. There is nothing wrong with having a traditional service and a contemporary service. In fact, in many ways it's better. The form of worship is of much less importance than the object of worship and the quality of teaching.

As far as the teaching goes - it was solidly grounded in the Bible. It was a good message, and the teacher went verse by verse through one passage. While it wasn't particularly invigorating, it was sound, and we could appreciate that. It goes to show how God can change your heart when you can listen to a less-than-invigorating teacher and not fall asleep ;).

All-in-all, we miss our church, and look forward to being back there this week. We especially miss the people there. The ones who know us and support us and have invested their time with us. It's like a sweet aroma.

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mike macon said...

We miss you, too, Matt.