Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy Winter

Wow! Things are busy in my neck of the woods! Can't you tell by the crazy heavy amount of posts? :D

But seriously, things have been getting busy. This week I have plans 4 out of 5 weeknights, I'm getting up early 2 out of 5 workdays, and the weekend is filling up pretty well too. Of course, if i didn't have things to do, I'd find plenty to do around home, some stuff that I need to do and a lot of stuff that I would just want to do :). That's ok, busy can be good. Importantly though, busy is good as long as there is a defined time of rest, and over the last 6-12 months, I've become MUCH better about taking a time each week exclusively for the purpose of rest.

It makes a huge difference to rest. Rest is different for each person. Some need to sleep, some need to lay in a hammock, some need to do a project they've been meaning to. yes, physical activity can be rest for some. I often fall into that category. Sometimes we run so much that just setting aside time to work on a rpoject I've been meaning to complete is EXTREMELY restful. In addition, when I get the project done, it no longer hangs over my head as something needing to be done, and thus, rest continues on through the week. Instead of being concerned over something needing to be done, but not having time for it, I can rest in the fact that it is done.

Well, I certainly don't intend to be long-winded on this post, so I'll end right after the following tidbit:

The parking lot to my office at 7:58am:

The parking lot to my office at 8:11am:

Winter is wonderful, isn't it?

P.s. - in all due respect, I'm usually in the 8:15a group. Thanks Brett!

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Erin said...

Sleep - what is sleep?

Glad to know that you are keeping busy though and you are enjoying it!!