Monday, June 29, 2009

Top Muskegon Blogger

Could I be the top Muskegon blogger?

Blogger has a cool feature whereby if you view a blogger's profile, then click on his city (like Muskegon) you'll find list of other people who use blogger in that city. When a person posts a new blog post or updates their profile, they move to the top of that list. So when I post this, I'm officially the Top Muskegon Blogger .... hehe

Other updates:
  • Kelly is about a year away from being able to sit for her RN state exams. The classes are hard, but she's gotten good comments from instructors and coworkers. She's going to be a great nurse. She's also started making fabric crafts and opened up a shop on Etsy where you can buy things. She's really excited about it and wants to expand it further, but we're waiting for her first sale. Stop by and let us know what you think! (the address is if the link doesn't work)

  • Brooke finished up her girl scout events and meetings for the year. This was her first year and she really enjoyed it. I've been pleasantly surprised by it as well. It seems to be a really good group for her to be involved in. Next up is getting her involved in a sport or other activity. Sign-ups are happening this summer for cheerleading, but I have my reservations about that. Soccer and T-ball are also options we're considering.

  • Ethan is now, and potty training. Most of the time he's good about telling us when he has to go, but some days he doesn't at all. We're also STILL waiting for him to tell us when he has to poop. He hasn't done that on the potty at all yet (and we all know how much fun those pull-ups are to change). He's also just seeming much older and more mature to me. It's like he's recently grown 4 inches and doubled his vocabulary and comprehension. Very cool, but makes me realize it's going fast!

  • I'm enjoying work more lately. I'm traveling during the day about 4 days a week and home every night. I work with customers and sales agents throughout the day and enjoy it. For a while I was doing sales trainings and I really enjoyed doing that, but I'd hate the regular overnight travel that being a trainer would come with. In my spare time I've learned quite a bit about creating websites using css. There was a lot about websites that I forgot, and much has changed too, but I'm fairly with it for now ;). I'm enjoying the summer, and bicycling, and being outside. It's going too fast though! On top of its break-neck speed, all of my auxiliary interests get in the way of relaxing outside and enjoying it too...but it's who I am.
So now you're up-to-date on what's going on with Muskegon's Top Blogger ....hehe

Oh yeah, my sister is going to have a baby in December or January. It'll be strange being an uncle, though my other brothers have had that title for 7 years now. She and the baby don't have an easy road ahead, but with God's grace they can make it through.


mike macon said...

Rock √ľnd Roll!!!

Erin said...

It's great to see the update! I'm glad all is well with you and the family - keep writing this time and don't disappear off the face of the blog earth ;)