Friday, December 4, 2009

Found a quiet, dark place to write

I took my computer to a vacant office with the lights off. I have been needing to write all day. Some things are just better expressed in written word than verbally. I'm feeling a bit down today, but not as bad as yesterday. Now, don't get me wrong, I think it's ok to be down once in a while. In fact, I think it's downright healthy - as long as we don't camp there.

Yesterday my boss called to discuss something with me. It was in regards to a conversation I had with another employee in the company which I felt was confidential. Well, in fact, it was in regards to three things, but the major one (and one of the minor ones) was something I thought was spoken in confidentiality. Well, I'll learn to be more careful about what I talk about with fellow employees now.
Hmm. Interestingly enough, just writing this out has helped me to mellow out a bit. And since nothing more is coming to mind for the moment, I'll have to leave it at this very unsatisfying ending. There will be more. Either appended to this post or in a new one. Cheers ;)

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