Monday, November 19, 2007

Can we say "Gaudy"?

DirecTV last Friday made an offer to NASA. A 42" HDTV and DirecTV programming for the new living space on the International Space Station. They have even offered to have their top engineer assist in the installation of a dish on the station.

As if NASA Astronauts would be unable to install a consumer-grade satellite dish. I mean, most of the installers for consumers have at least a master's degree, right?

What a gaudy publicity move. At one point in the article, they were quoted "Sure, there’s the awe-inspiring view of planet earth from more than 200 miles up, but what do you do for an encore after you’ve entered your 180th day in space?” asked Jon Gieselman, DirecTV marketing senior VP.

Yeah -see? Marketing. Gimmick. The press they have gotten already is worth it, even if NASA doesn't accept the offer. Of course, DirecTV will have a field day if they do take them up on the offer. I can just imagine how far they could take it.

At one point, they do say it is one way to say "thank you" for all the technical advancements that they have obviously benefited from, but they do manage to get a plug in for their "capacity to carry 100 HD channels by year-end".

Full article on Here.