Sunday, November 4, 2007

Honorable Mention

Well, I was wondering about the whole blog thing. I had given it a little bit of time, and a few (very few) posts, and had come to the conclusion that maybe blogging was just not for me. It is fun to log different thoughts and wonder if someone might stumble across them, but then again...does anyone ever stumble across them? No one had left any comments on anything, and I was wondering if it was worth it.

Then I logged in. Hey! There are comments! On TWO posts nonetheless! :) That's when I remembered. I recently told A Raving Madman that I started a blog. Now, mind you, I didn't tell this person the address of my blog - so there is a weird stalker element here, but I digress. Said Madman felt it necessary then to post the link on another website. So through this act, I will be posting more to the blog, letting you all know how life is going, and the loose associations that go on in my head. May they be entertaining and hopefully informative to you :) !

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mike macon said...

Yay, madman, yay, yay, yaaaaaaaay...