Friday, December 14, 2007

God is Good

Just a quick note to brag on God.

My wife and I have had very bad sore throats for over a week now. My wife is at about two weeks, and I'm just shy of it. She has gone to the doctor several times, and they tested her for Strep throat (came back negative), then tested again for Strep (came back negative) and most recently for Mono (should hear back today). I admit, that I prayed about it in the beginning, but had kind of fallen off for most of the time. Well, last night we prayed about it again, as a couple.

This morning, instead of horrendously sore throats, like we have had every morning, they were a little bit better. Mine is feeling good enough that I didn't take any medicine today, and hers is feeling better on one side, and a little worse on the other. These are odd little sore throats we have.

Yeah, I know some of you will say it is silly to attribute getting better to God and to prayer, but I don't care. I truly believe in God the father, and that Jesus died so that we wouldn't be cut off from God, and that we would be saved. I'm not saying that God is a magical wish-granting machine either, and that if you send $29.99 to me I will pray for you and he will heal you. But if you believe in Him, and and follow his teachings, there is nothing wrong with asking Him to heal you, if it is His will. He may just answer your prayer, when all of the earthly methods and doctors and medicines have failed. But I think he wants us to really see that it is Him doing the work, not anything on this earth.

God is awesome and caring, and He hears our prayers, because he is a living God. I can't help but to brag on Him.

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