Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Value of a Study Bible

I like to listen to biblical teaching as much as I can. Since I drive often for my day job, I get the chance to do that. So I was listening to some teachings yesterday and one of them mentioned Chapter 12 in the book of Romans. I wanted to investigate it further, so the next time I stopped at a gas station, I looked it up and read it.

The Bible I currently have is just a basic one, without commentary or mega-learning tools embedded in it. It does have Jesus's words in red, and it is a small size, which I find convenient. But I gotta tell you, I read this verse and really understood about 15% of it. I could read it just fine, but when it came to comprehension, I was a little lost.

So that night, I looked it up in our Nelson's Study Bible at home. Wow, what a difference. The Nelson's Study Bible has commentary on most of the verses of the Bible, and really helps in understanding. Sometimes it points to other verses in the Bible, which help explain, or put something into context. Sometimes it gives historical information about the time period, or the language, or the author. Sometimes it even gives Greek and Hebrew origins and their meanings. All this adds to comprehension and understanding.

The study Bible we have is the most expensive Bible we have ever bought, but I think we still only paid $40 for it. However, it has been the most helpful, and understandable bible we have ever owned.


ForHim said...

I am encouraged by your desire to pursue God and understand His Word through indepth Bible Study. I've experienced times of complete confusion as well, but I've always experienced peace and reassurance after reading the Bible. I recently found a resource online called
Bible Study Tools that I think you would enjoy. The reason I like it so much and want to share it with you is because I can read so many commentaries, 29 different translations/versions, lexicons, Greek and Hebrew, devotionals and more all for free. I could never afford these books nor would I have the time to search through all of them! I also like that I can highlight text and save notes. The screen is split-panel so it lets you compare versions, commentaries, etc. which makes it extremely easy to use. I hope you get a chance to check it out! It's been a blessing for me and I want to let others know that they can find tools to understand the Bible without having to go to seminary! I believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that it has the ability to enlighten and impart wisdom, but it helps to have resources that dig deeper into the meaning behind certain words, parables, etc.

Here's the link again: Bible Study Tools

Cnut4l said...

Wow, apparently I'm big enough now to be hit by self-promoters. Not that I mind though, I think there is definitely a place for that in blogging. I will say, however, that the site looks like it may have some cool features. I looked at it briefly, and it looks like someone has spent some time and money on it. All that said, I do not officially endorse this website, or any other, unless I specifically say so.

But check it out, it might be a help to you.

Anonymous said...

hey, that was my comment under another one of my usernames, forhim. I wasn't self promoting at all, just wanted to give you a resource I found. I like helping people find better tools for studying the Bible. I'm glad you got to explore some and liked the different resources.

Cnut4l said...

Ok, now I feel bad. You know what they say about assumptions. I am glad to hear that this is an authentic review though, and please accept my apologies Kristie :)