Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dave Ramsey Grand Rapids Recap

I just got home from attending the largest event on personal finance in the U.S.

It was VERY cool! I was at Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover Live" Event. Dave taught for about 3 hours on his baby steps and stories and methods of getting out of debt and building wealth. There were at least 9,000 people there, but more likely over 10,000 (I'll find out the numbers soon).

What I like about Dave, is that he is a teacher. He wants to help people, and make sure they understand what he's saying. And his principles are not rocket science. He isn't here to make you "get rich quick". Instead, he wants to teach you how to spend, save, and give your money the right way. I seriously recommend that anyone with money questions or problems check him out. His website is and he has a radio show and a TV show where all he does is help people with their money questions.

I can't say in this informal medium of the internet how much following the principles he teaches has changed my life, and the life of our family after only a few months. You have to listen to him, and the change in peoples' lives after they do some of this stuff! I personally think finding his program was blessing. So if you've heard about the crazy guy who cuts up credit cards, pays off debt, and tells you to sell the car with the $400 payment, but you've never checked him out, maybe now is the time!


Mindy Richmond said...

I was at the live event too! It only took me four years to get there, but I finally made it. It was a lot of the same information and stories you get from him in Financial Peace University but with the added atmosphere and energy from the crowd. Dave Ramsey is definitely a life changer!

Maggie said...

HEY! I was at that event TOO!! Though - I was sitting by this really weird guy that kept shouting &'d have thought he was at a sporting event...but hey, props for his enthusiasm. ;)

BTW - haven't felt the pain yet - not even when I cut up my credit card...but I'm excited about the potential debt-free-edness of it all! :) :)