Thursday, January 3, 2008

Post and Event about Dave Ramsey at Upcoming

ADD is a terrible thing, but then again, it's probably a terrible thing to waste :)

While consuming a massive amount of information this morning (courtesy of bloggers everywhere) I ran across a website called Upcoming. It turns out it is actually a Yahoo website that gives information about upcoming events in any given area, or events on a certain person's calendar. So I pulled up my area to see if the upcoming Dave Ramsey event in Grand Rapids was listed. It Was!

Problem was, it wasn't submitted by a user, and as a result, the info was pretty basic and bland. So I improved upon it. See they let you add a comment to the event, and even register yourself as going to it. So I registered to it and left a comment. Hopefully it helps people get some more info about it and REALLY consider going.

I don't over exaggerate when I say that the principles Dave teaches have changed my life so far, and I'm only three months into it.
I've gone from living paycheck to paycheck, to at least having some money saved, and beginning to pay off debt. No really, my wife and I are actually PAYING for the things WE BOUGHT! I know, I know, it sounds crazy. Why actually pay off your credit cards and furniture loans, and car loans, and house? I mean, as long as you are making the payments, you're fine, right? WRONG!

We actually have a goal with our finances now. Being Debt-Free changes a person. You can hear it when people call into his show and SCREAM that they are DEBT-FREE!!!!!! I can't wait to do that myself. Even Dave's first rule - make a budget - has had a tremendous impact on our finances. It is literally like getting a raise. And it makes you feel in control of your money. I don't have to wonder at the end of the month where all of my money went, because before the month began, I told my money where it was going. And now my wife and I feel better about our money. But not only our money, our life. When you take the stresses of money struggles out of the picture, you begin to feel different, more in control. I can't even explain it all in text, I almost have to speak it to you to truly bring it home.

Are you struggling with debt and paying the bills? Are you debt-free? Do you just want to hear more about this? Make a comment on this post. Let's have a discussion about it.

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