Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tax man cometh - economic stimulus

A friend over at Griddle Bandits put together a great little post about the economic stimulus plan. It's a good read to help dis-spell some confusion over the issue.

For a more in depth look at exactly what you'll get, look at this Blog post from another person on my "to read regularly" section in Google Reader.

Update: I read a little further into Mindy's article and looked at the IRS website link she had there.
This link shows how the package will work for a married couple with children, and covers a lot of different situations. For instance, I had heard that if you did not pay taxes into the system (didn't have ANY tax liability), as a married couple you would only get $600 instead of $1,200. Well it turns out that that is correct. However, if you had SOME tax liability BEFORE child tax credits, you will get that amount back up to $1,200. Anyway, look at the link and find out all you wanted to know! :)
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This Mom said...

I can't wait for my tax rebate to get here! Using it in my debt snowball...

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