Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ahh work. Thank God I have a job, but sometimes it gets on my nerves :P

Then again, I'm so dedicated to the company that I'll probably be working this afternoon, even though I technically have it off. The boundaries of work and home time blur significantly when you are a salaried employee.


Maggie said...

here's some unsolicited advice from a former workaholic...(which may or may not help)
set a timer.
When you're home, be HOME with your family...but when you have to work at home, set a timer & work your tail off during that time...then when it dings...LET IT GO!!!
Trust me - the work will STILL be there tomorrow...and the next day - and the next...your kids will eventually move out. ;)

Maggie said...

Hmmm - rereading that comment - sure seems like pretty lame advice...but who knows? It MIGHT work!!! HA! ;)

Actually - our Charter friend Donna may be a good person to get some advice from on this subject...since her home IS her office. :) ;)