Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Warning: this post references the concept of porn.

The meaning of words tends to change over time. A popular country song talks about "back when a screw was a screw, a coke was a coke, and crack's what you were doin', when you were crackin' jokes." Yup, things change over time. Interestingly enough, at one time it was generally accepted that conception was the moment a sperm fertilized an egg. That definition has been quietly changed too. But I digress.

I was reading an article about pornography statistics as part of my research for an English paper. About a quarter of the way down the page there is a breakdown of porn search terms by demographic. What I found interesting was that the terms "porn" and "xxx" were more likely to be used by older demographics, while "sex" was more likely used by younger demographics. Yes, even though this study only targeted online pornography searches, there is a difference in terminology. The younger generations don't see porn as "porn", they see it as sex. That, is tremendously sad.

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mike macon said...

Yes, it emphatically is.